Units of Measurement MCQs and Quiz

1. 1000 nanometres are equal to:
One micrometre
(b) Two micrometre
(c) Three micrometre
(d) Four micrometre


2. 1000 micrometres are equal to:
(a) 4 millimetres
(b) 2 millimetre
(c) 10 millimetre
(d) 15 millimetre


3. How many hectometres are there in one kilometre?
(a) 5 hectometres
(b) 10 hectometres
(c) 12 hectometres
(d) 15 hectometres


4. What figure in decametres shows 10 metres?
(a) 2 decametres
(b) 1 decametres
(c) 3 decametres
(d) 4 decametres


5. Which of the following is constituted by 10 centimetres?
(a) 4 decimetres
(b) 2 decimetres
(c) 1 decimetres
(d) 3 decimetres


6. How many millimetres constitute one centimetre?
(a) 10 millimetres
(b) 15 millimetres
(c) 12 millimetres
(d) 20 millimetres


7. Radiation activity is measured by:
(a) Coulomb
(b) Ohm
(c) Becquerel
(d) All of these


8. Force is measured by:
(a) Pascal
(b) Newton
(c) Kelvin
(d) Ampere


9. Mention the unit that is used to measure the electric resistance.
(a) Kelvin
(b) Ohm
(c) Watt
(d) Coulomb


10. Name the quantity that is measured by the unit coulomb.
(a) Electricity
(b) Electric charge
(c) Atomic power
(d) Electric difference