ASSISTANT PAPER (2020) Police Department, Punjab

ASSISTANT PAPER (2020) Police Department, Punjab

1. The-average weight
of a persons is increased
by 2.5 kg when one of them who weighs 56 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the
new man is:


76 years

(B)· 72 years

(C) 78 years .

(D) None of these


2. Red Lake is found in:


(B) England

(C) Frarice ·

(D) None of these


3. What
is the function of Logical Unit in a


(A) To
produce result

(B) To p·erform
arithmetic and logic
operations .

(C} To
control flow of information

(D)  To store
result data


4; Which of the following is
not a MS Power

Point view?

(A) Slide View

(B) Slide Show View

(C) Orientation

(D) Presentation View


5. 60 men can do a work in 40
days. How long

will it take 40 men to
complete the same


(A) 30. days .

(B) 29 days

(C) 23 days

(D) 60 days


6. The word
“Pakistan” was firstly introduced in

· ____ in 1933.

(A) Daily Jang

(B) Daily The Mail

(C) Now or Never

(D) Nawa-e-Waqt


7. Mr. Javed Iqbal is
Chairman of the:

(A) Election Commission

(B) National
Accountability Bureau

(C) Senate ·

(D) Natipnal Assembly ._


8. The word Muhammad (SAW) as
a name has

been mentioned in · the Holy
Quran only

(A) Two time

(C) Six time:

Four time

(D) Seven time


9. Which Prophet of ALLAH had minimum age?

(A) Hazrat lbraheem (A.S)

(B) Hazral Muhammad (S.A.W)

(C) Hazrat Musa (AS)

(D) Hazrat.Eesa


10. —,—-,,— are used to
display data.

(A) Storage devices .

(B) Communication devices

(C) Input devices

(D) Output


11. Change the Voice of the
following sentence:

“Have you laughed at

(A) Why have you laughed at them?

(B) Have they, been
laughed at by you?

(C) You have been laughed at by them.

(D) They have been laughed at by you.


12. The latest anti-militancy
military operation in

Pakistan is titled:

(A) Zarb-e-Momin


(C) Zarb-e-Azb

(D) Radd ul


13. Correct the sentence by
choosing right option

for the underlined portion:
“I am tired as I am

working since morning.”

(A) I was working

(B) I have been

(C) I had been working

(D) I Will be working


14. Who is the Chief
Execμtive of Islamic republic

of Afghanistan?

(A) Ashraf Ghani

(B) Abdullah

(C) Salahuddin Rabbani

(D) None of


15. Which of the following is
the second largest

province of Pakistan in terms
of Population


(A) Punjab



(D) Balochistan


16. Which one of the
following is a metal?

(A) Gypsum


(C) Limestone

(D) Granite


17. How many square meters
are in one square


(A) 1000

(C) 100000

(B) 10000

(D) 1000000


18. Which  of the following functions in Microsoft

Excel is used to count items
in a cell range?






19. Vaccination was
discovered by ___ _

(A) Galileo

(B)Edward Jenner

(C) Baird

(D) Roentgen


20. What is the-value of x in
3x – 15 – 6 = 0?

(A) 6

(B) 7

(C) 9

(D) -9


21. What was the religion of
the majority of the

Arabs before Islam?

(A) Buddhism

(C) Idolatrous


(D) Christianity


22. Which Article of the 1973
Constitution relates

to National Language of

(A) Article 215

(B) Article 251

(C) Article 257

(D) Article 12


23. ____ is the capital of

(A) Lima

(B) Suva

(C) Vientiane

(D) None of these


24. Which Ghazwa is mentioned
in Surah Al-Imran?

(A) Khyber

(B) Khandaq

(C) Uhad

(D) None of these


25. When was Quaid-e-Azam
elected as the

President of the First
Constituent Assombly?

(A) August 11, 1947

(B) August 14, 1947

(C) August 15, 1947

(D) August 18, 1947


26. River Nile flows through
which of the following


(A) Tripoli

(C) Cairo

(B) Damascus

(D) Aden


27. Change the narration: The
old lady said to her

son, “Is it not your
duty to help me in my old


(A) The old lady asked
her son if it was not

his duty to help her
in her old age.

(B) The old lady asked her son that was it not

his duty to help her in her old age.

(C) The old lady asked her son if it were not

his duty to have helped her in her old

. age.

(D) The old lady had asked her son if it was

not his duty to help her in her old age.


28. What does the phrase
“Putting the cart before

the horse” mean?

(A) To do something
contrary to conventional


(B) To be ready to go

(C) To do things in correct order

(D) To be over active


29. In MS .Excel 2016, which
of the following can

be used to split windows into

(A) Format > window

(B) View > window
> split

(C) Window > split

(D) View> split


30. The oldest revealed
divine book is:

(A) Tawrat

(B) Zaboor

(C) lnjeel

(D) Quran


31. Which component of
computer is also

considered as it “Heart”?

(A) Monitor

(B) Keyboard

(C) Scanner

(D) Microprocessor


32. Which was the first Gulf
state who recognized

Israel? ·


(B) Qatar ·

(C) Bahrain

(D) Oman


33. Which of the following
Windows do not have

Start button?

(A) Windows Vista

(B) Windows 7

(C) Windows 8

(D) None of these


34. To create table of
columns and rows for

statistical or mathematical
calculatio1ns using

spreadsheet, which software
is -used?

(A) Excel

(B) Word Pad

(C) Word Perfect

(D) Corel Draw



35. In the context of
Pakistan’s political and

Judicial history what does
PCO stand for?

(A) Pakistan’s Courts Ordinance

(B) Provisional
Constitutional Order

(C) Pakistan Constitutional Ordinance

(D) Provisional Court Organization


36. Choose the correct
meaning of the idiom: “To

fish in troubled waters”

(A) To benefit from
other people’s troubles

(B) To indulge in evil conspiracies ·

(C) To aggravate the situation

(D) To catch fish in disturbed waters


37. Which gas present in the
Earth’s atmosphere

can absorb solar ultraviolet

(A) Oxygen

(B) Ozone

(C) Carbon dioxide

(D) Nitrogen


38. Quaid-e-Azam resigned
from Congress in the


(A) 1925

(B) 1920


(D) 1918


39. Rainfall is measured using a: .

(A) Salinometer

(B) Rainoscope

(C) Rain gauge



40. Gulbadan Begum was
Emperor Humayun’s:

(A) Wife ·

(B) Sister

(C) Concubine

(D) Part of Humayun’s court


41. Which of the following
river flows in Canada?

(A) Mackenzie River

(B) Nelson River

(C) River

(D)All of these


42. Which ·part of world is
known as “Great Britain

of Pacifid’?

(A) Japan





43. Increased level of
SGOT/AST in blood is an

indication of:

(A) Hepatitis

(B)Myocardial Infarction •

(C) Anemia ·

(D) Tuberculosis


44. When no tariffs are
imposed on all Imports

and exports, it is called:

(A) Preferential Trade

(B) Free Trade

(C) Balanc~ of Trade

(D) Non-Tariff Barriers


45. Which of the. following
•is. considered the

deepest lake of the world?

(A) Lake Victoria

(B) Lake Superior

(C) Lake Baikal 

(D) Lake Erie


46. l,f Rs. 1000 is divided
amongst Rabail and

Amna in the proportion of 2:3

how much will Rabail receive?

(A) 300


(C} 400



47 . .,….-_____,,..,…,…..,..
is considered the largest Glacier

in world located in
Antarctica .

(A) Lambert-Fisher

(B) Denman Glacier

(C) Gilbert Glacier

(D) None of these


48. · The great book
“Al-ltqan fi Uloom al-Ouran”

was composed by:

(A) Muhammad Ali-al-Sabuni .

(B) Muhammad Hussain Zahid

(C) lmran Ghazali

(D) Jalal al-Din


49. Manama is the capital -of
which Asian country?

(A) Loas


(C) Bahrain

(D) Kuwait


50. Due to geo strategic position no peace is

possible in Afghanistan without the · active

support and co-operation of:

(A) India ·


(C) Pakistan

(D) China