1. Who is the current President of India?
(A) Pranab Mukherjee
(B) Ram Nath Kovind
(C) Pratibha Patil
(D) Kocheril Raman

2. What is the synonym of Rebate?
(A) Cheap
(B) Expensive
(C) Inflation
(D) Discount

3. The headquarters of which of the following
organizations is located in Addis Ababa?
(D) AU

4. Name the pact in which the Muslims and Hindus of British India agreed for separate electorates:
(A) Congress-League Pact
(B) Reforms Act
(C) Delhi Pact
(D) Lucknow Pact

5. Hypothermia is caused by exposure to:
(A) Extreme cold
(B) Extreme heat
(C) Excessive radiation
(D) None of these

6. The Fundamental Rights, according to the law in Pakistan, are enforceable through:
(A) The Supreme Court only
(B) The High Court
(C) Both A and B
(D) The Parliament

7. Who was the first owner of the Microsoft Company?
(A) Mark Zucker Berg
(B) Dick Cheney
(C) Bill Gates
(D) Steve Jobs

8. A network that covers large area, city, country and beyond is called:
(C) Router
(D) Bridge

9. Under the Schengen Agreements people can travel across borders of participating countries in Europe without passports being checked. Where is Schengen located?
(A) The Netherlands ·
(B) Italy
(C) Austria
(D) Luxembourg

10. Roger Federer is a famous player of:
(A) Tennis
(B) Golf
(C) Football
(D) Cricket

11. If A can type 10 pages in 5 minutes and B can type 5 pages in 10 minutes then, working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes?
(A) 15
(B) 25
(C) 65
(D) 75

12. When you divide 0.7 by 10 you will get:
(A) 7
(B) 0.07
(C) 70
(D) 0.007

13. (1/4+5/8) -;-(1/2+3/4)=?
(A) 35/32
(B) 10/7
(C) 5/12
(D) 7/10

14. Which animal, of the following, is taxable for Zakat?
(A) Oxen
(B) Sheep
(C) Horse
(D) Elephant

15. Otto Von Bismarck was:
(A) Great historian of Great Britain
(B) Architect of the German Empire
(C) Czar of Russia
(D) King emperor of Austria

16. Viceroy of India from 1943 to 1947 was:
(A) Lord Wavell
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Mountbatten
(D) None of these

17. CV or Curriculum Vitae Is very often used.
From which language is the term Curriculum
Vitae derived?
(A) French
(B) Greek
(C) Latin
(D) German

18. “School” is a group of:
(A) Seagulls
(B) Penguins
(C) Crocodiles
(D) Fish

19. JPG extension usually refers to what kind of a file?
(A) System file
(B) Animation file
(C) MS Encarta document
(D) Image file

20. Synonym of “Cheeky” is:
(A) Impure
(B) Impudent
(C) lmpressive
(D) Impassable