1. The plural of sheep is:
(A) sheeps
(B) sheepers
(C) sheeves
(D) sheep

2. The SAARC Secretariat is located is:
(A) Colombo
(B) New Delhi
(C) Kathmandu
(D) Dhaka

3. Article 6 of the constitution deals with:
(A) Impeachment of President
(B) Fundamental Rights
(C) High Treason
(D) Education/ Health

4. Solve: 25 x 23 = ?
(A) 256
(B) 128
(C) 54
(D) 60

5. Which of the following is not a Scandinavian
(A) Norway
(B) Poland
(C) Denmark
(D) Sweden

6. Name the Surah in which mentions the Rights
of Parents?
(A) Surah Ahzab
(B) Surah Luqman
(C) Al-Maeda
(D) AI-Mudassar

7. who is the current Federal Tax Ombudsman?
(A) Slamn Farooqi
(B) Tariq Bajwah
(C) Mushtaq Sukhera
(D) None of these

8. Which pillar of Islam is the key of paradise?
(A) Hajj
(B) Roza
(C) Salat
(D) Zakat

9. Meaning of proverb “By fits and starts”.
(A) Suddenly
(B) Irregularly
(C) Successfully
(D) Incompletely

10. Which of the following is a text editor:
(A) Word pad
(B) Note pad
(C) Ms-Word
(D) Excel-Pad

11. When Lenin prize started?
(A) 1925
(B) 1930
(C) 1945
(D) 1955

12. Fill in the blank: You must attend
the lecture?
(A) on
(B) to
(C) with
(D) in

13. Lenient means:
(A) Rude
(B) Harsh
(C) Obstinate
(D) Easy way

14. Meaning of Al-Wahid:
(A) The Noble
(B) The Unique
(C) The Alive
(D) The Powerful

15. Who defined laws of Gravitation?
(A) Newton
(B) Galileo
(C) Farady
(D) Archimedes

16. Which one is faster?
(C) Cache
(D) Hard Dsik

17. A gigabyte is equal to?
(A) 1024 MB
(B) 1000 MB
(C) 1024 KB
(D) 1000 KB

18. MS Word and MS Excel are:
(A) Operating systems
(B) Applications Software
(C) High level language
(D) Low level language

19. Kalabagh is famous for:
(A) Sulphur
(B) Iron
(C) Gypsum
(D) Tin

20. When was China admitted to the UNO?
(A) 1971
(B) 1975
(C) 1980
(D) 1985