1. In which country is the committee which selects winners for the Nobel Peace Prize located?
(a) Finland
(b) Sweden
(c) Norway
(d) Denmark

2. Which are the materials generally employed as solder in soldering operations in electronics?
(a) Iron and tin
(b) Aluminium and lead
(c) Lead and tin
(d) Aluminium and iron

3. Between which of the following was the ancient town of Taxila located?
(a) Indus and Jhelum
(b) Jhelum and Chenab
(c) Chenab and Ravi
(d) Ravi and Beas

4. In the year 1613, where was the English East India Company given permission to set up a factory (trading post)?
(a) Bangalore
(b) Madras
(c) Masulipattam
(d) Surat

5. In which one among the following is the speed
of sound maximum?
(a) Air at o•c
(b) Air at 1oo·c
(c) Water
(d) Wood

6. Which is the biggest tank battle in military history, with 1,200 tanks slugging it out?
(a) Kursk
(b) Kasserine
(c) Kiev
(d) Kharkov

7. Where did the Japanese launch a successful attack on the Russian Pacific Fleet, using torpedoes to devastating effect during RussoJapanese War?
(a) Pearl Harbor
(b) Port Arthur
(c) Port Gibson
(d) Port Hudson

8. Although a Persian victory, which battle is most celebrated for the heroic defence of a crucial pass by 300 Spartans?
(a) Thymbra
(b) Thebes
(c) Thermopylae
(d) Trebbia

9. Napoleon’s last battle ended in his disastrous defeat. The Duke of Wellington, the Allied victor famously said it was, “a damn’ close run thing”. Named after a small village in
Belgium, where was this battle?
(a) Waterloo
(b) Kasserine
(c) Kiev
(d) Kharkov

1O. Moorish Kingdom of Granada (Spain)
surrendered to Christians in the year:
(a) 1453
(b) 1492
(c) 1526
(d) 1556

11. Which one of the following elements is found
common in glass, cement, china clay and
(a) Carbon
(c) Calcium
(d) None of these

12. What are Vaccines?
(a) Same as monoclonal antibodies .
(b)Treated bacteria or viruses or one of their
(c) MHC proteins
(d) Strands of nucleic acids

13. Which of the following is an alloy?
(a) Gold
(b) Zinc
(c) Tin

14. The unit for measuring intensity of noise is
(a) Knot
(b) Calorie
(c) Ohm

15. Which of the following will you use to remove
rust stains on cloth?
(a) Kerosene oil
(b) Oxalic Acid solution
(c) Alcohol
(d) None of these

16. The chemical name of laughing gas is:
(a) Nitric oxide
(b) Nitrogen dioxide
(c) Nitrogen pent oxide
(d)Nitrous oxide

17. Which of the following is the lightest
substance known?
(a) Oxygen
(b) Nitrogen
(d) Carbon

18. Which of the following scales was devised by
(a) Absolute
(c) Fahrenheit
(d) None of these

19. When water is heated from 0° C to 10° C, the
Ministery of Defence
volume of water
(a) Increase steadily
(b) Decrease steadily
(c) First increases, then decreases
(d)First decreases, then increases

20. What is the freezing point of heavy water?
(a)3.82 °C
(b) 2.82 °C
(c) 1.82 °C
(d) 0.82 °C