1. He ____ mend his habits before it is too
(A) need have to
(B) must need
(C) must have to
(D) must

2. ____ my brother come, give him this
(A) Would
(B) Ought
(C) Should
(D) Will

3. I have made up my mind that I ___ _
resign this job.
(A) ought
(B) must to
(C) must
(D) must have to

4. He is only a child. How ____ what to
(A) should he know
(B) ought he know
(C) will he be knowing
(D) could he to know

5. ____ all this work tomorrow? am
feeling so tired.
(A) Need I do
(B) Must I to do
(C) Need I must do
(D) Do I must do

6. ____ out of here. It Is getting
(A) Let get
(B) Let’s get
(C) Let’s us get
(D) Let’s to get

7. My parents said that they ____ a large
amount of money for my education.
(A) were to have saved
(B) were to save
(C) were must to save
(D) were have to save

8. They agreed that the election ____ be held at an early date.
(A) should
(B) would
(C) shall
(D) could

9. It was desirable that there ____ be unanimity over the decision.
(A) would
(B) should
(C) will
(D) might

10. He said he would be punctual. He ___ _
be here any moment.
(A) may
(B) could
(C) would
(D) should

Fill In the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
11. This long illness has reduced him ___ _
a skeleton.
(A) to
(B) by
(C) upto
(D) into

12. My father found it difficult to accede
my request.
(A) by
(B) of
(C) about
(D) to

13. The report did not find favour ___ the
(A) of
(B) with
(C) by
(D) to

14. A courageous man never despairs ___
(A) about
(B) of
(C) Over
(D) from

15. There is no exception ____ this rule.
(A) for
(B) to
(C) about
(D) in

16. He is ignorant ____ what he pretends to
(A) of
(B) about
(C) to
(D) from

17. The party comprises ____ Rana,
Rehan, Shanza and myself
(A) of
(B) with
(C) by
(D) no preposition

18. He was vexed ____ the behaviour of his son.
(A) at
(B) with
(C) about
(D) on

19. A large number of colleges are affiliated—-the Punjab University.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) from
(D) to

20. The man was an accomplice ____ the
(A) by
(B) with
(C) of
(D) to