CSS Composition Paper 2010 Solved MCQs

P&C 2010

1. Synonym of ACRIMONIOUS is:

2. Antonym of PRETEND is:

3. Antonym of ALLY is:

4. Antonym of VULGAR is:

5. Synonym of DEMISE is:

6. Synonym of VOID is:

7. Synonym of UNEQUIVOCAL is:

8. Antonym of LIBERTY is:

9. Antonym of Denounce is:

10. Antonym of MELANCHOLY is:

11. Synonym of ESSAY is:

12. Synonym of CALLIGRAPHY is:

13. Synonym of TOUCHSTONE is:

14. Antonym of CONSCIENTIOUS is:

15. Synonym of Knack is:

16. Synonym of Apropos is:

17. Antonym of IGNOBLE is:

18. The Pakistani Republican Party was formed in October 1955. The president of the party was

19. Antonym of OBLITERATE is:

20. Antonym of Verdant is:

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